You are an entrepreneur

You are the driving force behind your new venture.  Steven London has extensive experience helping founders organize their companies, raise capital and exit.  Contact us today for a free consultation and ask about our fixed fee and equity arrangements.


Setting up your company to accommodate growth is critical to your success.  We can help you decide on an ideal structure and help implement it. 

Shareholder Agreements

Setting the ground rules of ownership is hard, but easiest when the conversations happen at the start.  Leverage Steven London's 20 years of experience to put in place an effective agreement.

Raising Capital

Whether it's friends and family, accredited investors, institutional partners or a SAFE or KISS deal, we can help you raise the capital you need to grow your business.

Employee Share Option Plans

Your employees are critical to your success.  Enticing and motivating your team  with stock options is a common practice for start-ups.  

IP Agreements

IP ownership is critical to your business.  Let us help ensure that ownership is clear.